Rafaela Šerka

Rafaela Serka, the director of the Commodore Yachting was born in Split on February 7th 1979.
She graduated as a designer but ways of life have led her in another direction, which was no surprise
as she has been living on Brac island her entire life, close to the sea, and also marrying our Captain
Josko Šerka, World Wide Master Mariner.
She has been his right hand in everything for the past 20 years, mainly focused on managing the
business as well as a wife and proud mother of 4.

With her many years of experience as a booking agent and manager of several enterprises, Rafaela is
a valid member of Commodore Yachting's staff, her kindness and pofesionalism are our biggest
asset. Always smiling and ready to assist her clients, she will make sure their stay on our motor
yacht is impeccable and memorable, of course with the help of her employees.

Commodore Yachting