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About Croatia


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Croatia is a middle European Adriatic country that lies between Slovenia on the West, Hungary on the North, Serbia & Montenegro as well as Bosnia and Hercegovina on the East side, while the Adriatic sea divides it from its neighbor Italy.

Croatia covers a land area of 56,691 square kilometres and has a population of about 4.29 million people (2011 census). Croatian is the official language, which is written in the Latin script.

With its utmost convenient geografical position and good traffic connections by land, sea or air makes Croatia destinations easy to reach.

The climate is Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters, with 2,600 hours of sunlight on average yearly – it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe! The interior of the country has a continental climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

The best and most touristic highlight of Croatia are 5,835km of coastline for sure, where the majority of the surface consists of islands, reefs, bays and cliffs. With more than 1,100 islands of which 50 of them are populated, Croatia slowly and proudly is taking place at the top of the lists on many best destination contests in the past years.

Make sure you visit Croatia, enjoy our hospitality, our best places to visit and be a part of many summer events across the Adriatic. We will inspire you with our history and thrill you with our Mediterranean gastronomy.  Crystal clear sea, secluded beaches and authentic island villages will give you a feel a taste of Heaven on Earth, with gently summer breeze and wonderful crickett chants.

We invite you to explore this unique country that offers everything one needs for an unforgettable holiday in an unspoiled natural environment.

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